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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free Android Apps - Seesmic Updates to 1.8.2

Are you frustrated by maintaining your social networking "Facebook" and "Twitter" with two applications? Don't worry now, Seesmic gives you freedom to keep these two high quality social networking in one place with lot of features.

Some of the core features on Seesmic

  • Full integration of Facebook, including managing and posting to administered Facebook pages
  • The best Twitter client on Android, with all the features you need in a simple but powerful interface
  • Add a widget so you won't ever miss a single update, from any service.
  • Multiple Twitter accounts support
  • Cross-posting to multiple Twitter accounts and your Facebook account at the same time
  • Configure notifications for new messages
  • Preview photos of messages from Instagram, Twitter, Twitpic, picplz and more
  • Full Twitter search capabilities
  • Share photos using Twitter, Twitpic, MobyPicture, yFrog or Lockerz
  • Share videos using YouTube, yFrog or Twitvid
  • Geotagging to add location to your messages
  • Access and view your Twitter List timeline
  • Ability to Retweet natively and with Comments (Old Retweet)
  • URL Shortening using,, Tinyurl or
  • Twitlonger integration for longer tweets
  • Conversation thread view for public conversations
  • Add shortcuts to the home screen for direct access to the composer, Twitter accounts, searches, lists, and Facebook pages
  • Add a widget to view updates from any service
  • View the latest Trending Topics on Twitter under the Twitter Search interface
  • Autocomplete – Forgot a Twitter username when writing a message? Begin typing with the "@" and view a list of twitter usernames to make sure you have the right person!

Seesmic 1.8.2 updates,

  • Fixed crash in the composer's contact picker
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